SRA Series – Right-angle Reducer

Product Description

  • SMD 90 degree gearbox is available in three types i.e. Shaft Output type, collar clamp type, and Hollow bore type.
  • Backlash : 3-15 Arc-Min.
  • Nominal Output Torque : 44Nm to 1390Nm.
  • Available reduction ratios: 1:1 to 1:100
  • This compact Right Angle Gearbox is Suitable for low load and intermitted motion.
  • Servo-motor gearbox
  • This Right Angle reducer has high load carrying capacity and high Rigidity.
  • SRAS : SMD Right Angle gearbox with Shaft Output.
  • SRAC :SMD Right Angle gearbox with Clamping/Collar Output.
  • SRAH :SMD Right Angle gearbox with Hollow Bore Output.


  • Adjustable backlash for suitable low load and intermitted motion.
  • Hollow output design for various applications and 5 mounting surfaces for flexible installations.
  • Arguably the easiest Right-Angle gearhead in the market to geo-metrically integrate into your machine
  • Rectangular “cuboid-like" geometry provides for easy fitting into your device.
  • Can be combined with Planetary Gear reducer to achieve more reduction.

About Company

SMD Gearbox Co., Ltd is a leading provider and exporter of industrial gearbox and motion products in Taiwan. With a focus on innovation and professionalism, SMD specializes in designing, producing, and selling high-quality mechanical products. We are committed to being your trusted business partner in the field of gearbox and motion technology.

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