SSHG Series – Strain-wave harmonic reducer (silk-hat type)

Product Description

  • Diverse appearance; suitable for robot arm.
  • Precision: less than 20 arcsec.
  • Torque Capacity: 3.5Nm to 500Nm
  • Available reduction ratios 1:50 ,1:80, 1:100, 1:120, 1:160
  • Short axial dimension.
  • High rigidity for stable precision work.
  • Applied in robot industry, especially for multi-axis robot joints.


  • For 10,000 Times max during the life of gearhead. At input speed of 1000 rpm.
  • At permissible input speed and Continuous Output Torque.
  • Permissible axial load or permissible radial load is the value that satisfies the reducer life when either a pure radial load or an axial load is applied to the flange face. (When radial load is Lr+R=0mm, and axial load is La=0mm)

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