SPS/SPR Series – Planetary Rotary Reducer (Shaft output)

Product Description

  • Nominal output torque : 17Nm to 2200Nm
  • Backlash: 1-12 arcmin.
  • Available reduction ratios from 1:3 to 1:100.
  • This planetary reducer is designed to use with various servomotors.
  • Sealed shut design; lubricated for life and easy to install
  • High torque capacity and low inertia.
  • SPS : Planetary gearbox with square output mountings.
  • SPR : Planetary gearbox with round output mountings.


  • This Planetary Speed Reducer has a Shaft-style Output face.
  • Output housing is Aluminum.
  • Suitable for Combination with any kind of motors.
  • Total enclosed design, easy to install and combination.
  • High rating torque and low inertia.
  • The design of long shaft is suitable to drive by rack and simplify the mechanism.

(*) Please contact SMD for 3 stage planetary gearbox.

(*) For input speeds above 3000 rpm, please consult us, with application details. 

(*) At permissible input speed and Nominal Output Torque.

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